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My interest is to leave this planet with a positive foot print, one that my Children will be proud to continue. I want to change lives by providing my life experience with others. Knowledge and exposure are key elements of creating change in peoples lives and it is my mission to extend as much of it as I can. There is no greater gift than to give of yourself. Service to your Family, your Children, your neighbor and your Country should be all of our interest. Only then will we realize true success.

My Interest is to become a better Man, a better Father to my kids. To live as an example for them and those around them. To embrace my imperfections  and except my responsibilities. We can not teach with words it is our actions that speak volume. Change begins with self and it never ends.

As we mature so does our desires. Success takes on a completely different meaning, yes we are still a Nation that judges our success on the assets we accumulate but the true measure of a Man is not by the size of his wallet. Show me the person that has lost everything except their courage to get up and I'll show you a winner. My interest are vast simple and complex. Broad, lofty and attainable.

I want to change the World, so I'm starting with mine!

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